Privacy Policy

Jobpyramid Privacy Policy provides this Privacy Policy notice to notify you on our information collection procedures, purposes and disclosure terms. We care about your security and the confidentiality of your information and as such we would like to apprise you on the options available regarding the personal information you divulge.

Collection of Information


  • Type of Information Collected
  1. Non-Personal InformationWe collect the type of information usually made available to website operators by the various web browsers and servers used. This kind of information revolves around the general factors governing the website’s use. They include the date and time of a visit, Internet Protocol (IP) address, the browser preference, the language choice, and the website referring the user to us. 

    Information collection also involves the use of cookies (data pieces sent from a website for storage on the user’s computer for data collection purposes) to keep track of visitors to our website and their preferences with the aim of improving our service provision. It is possible to refuse the placement of cookies on your computer by turning the feature off on your browser. The downside however is that certain features of the website might not function properly when no cookies are installed.

    We make use of both persistent and session ID cookies to improve your user experience. Persistent cookies avail you to such features as automatically saving your registration details and password to the preferred browser. Session ID cookies are temporary data files which are activated with every instance of use of our website and expire at the end of the login session. They help us to monitor usage and route web traffic appropriately.

  2. Personal Information
    Depending on the level and type of interaction with our website, different types and amounts of personal information may be required from our visitors. We collect personally identifying information under the following circumstances:

Visiting the Website

At certain times visitors wishing to make use of our forums may be required to provide certain personal information. We only collect such information when it is deemed necessary for the form of interaction with our services required by the visitor. This information may include but is not limited to the visitor’s name and email address. There is an option of refusal to supply such information although the caveat is that they would therefore not be able to execute the form of interaction originally intended.

Registering to the Website

When you wish to create a user account with we will require certain personally-identifying information. Such personal information includes your name, email address, and company name in case you are registering as an employer or recruiter.

Jobseekers, on the other hand, will be required to provide personal information regarding their date of birth, age, telephone number, university attended, course studied, qualifications attained, curriculum vitae, hobbies and interests, certification documents from the institution of learning, work experience where applicable and any other information necessary to create a job candidate profile.


  • Purpose of Information Collected

The information that we collect is used to serve as a guide in our service provision. It enables the following features of the website to be carried out effectively:

  1. To process your application for registration and validate the information provided for purposes of compliance and business operation
  2. To assess and determine your suitability for job application descriptions and requirements using our algorithmic procedures
  3. To make recommendations to potential employers when you qualify for listed job openings
  4. To provide tailored offerings to you for career prospects, suitable candidates and general service provision
  5. To validate your academic qualifications by communicating with the relevant institutions of learning
  6. To communicate with the referees listed on your CV or profile and former employers for verification of work history or other information posted on your profile
  7. To manage and improve on various aspects of our website’s functions and effectively address user requirements
  8. To conduct effective research on our users’ preferences in order to tailor our services accordingly
  9. To help us to develop our website to consistently deliver value to all users by adapting our methodology to current trends
  10. To enable us to contact you with our various administrative communications or any other information that we deem useful to users.
  11. To handle our corporate responsibility to you and develop the best possible business relationship with you
  12. For any purposes that are disclosed to you at the time you submit required information
  13. To analyze our users’ activity to identify and avert fraudulent activity

The above uses of information posted on our website are mandatory for the provision of services for which you signed up on This implies that in case you do not approve of any of the purposes listed above you can only opt out by terminating the agreement contract you undertook by registering to the website.

However, certain features availed from the contact information you provide are discretionary and as such allow you to opt out if you find them unnecessary. These include promotional email messages, marketing content and periodic newsletters containing information that we think would be of interest to our users.

Unless you specifically request for the deletion of specific information or the entire account, we retain the information therein for as long as it is deemed necessary for our commercial or legal purposes.


  • Information Disclosure only discloses personal information to relevant members of our website community who may require the information to process the services offered to you through our website. This may include the website’s employees, contractors and any affiliate companies who are also required to abide by our non-disclosure terms. We do not sell, hire out or transfer such information to any persons or firms who do not warrant access to it.

The profile created by jobseekers will however be accessible to other users of the website. You exercise full control over the information posted on your profile and can therefore edit or update it anytime through the user account. Privacy choices are available with all optional features and allow you to choose what information you wish to have disclosed to the users on this platform. shares any information that may be required by government agencies within the boundaries of the law. We can work in cooperation with the government as well as law enforcement officials to ensure compliance with legal requirements when the need arises. We use our sole discretion to disclose any information that may be required to respond to legal claims and processes initiated by the government or other third party to aid in investigation or to protect the rights and freedoms of the public or individuals against fraud, illegal activity or unethical conduct.


  • Information Security and Confidentiality

We take all the reasonable steps to protect the information collected from our users. Access to our site is encrypted using high standard security technology. Sensitive information fed into our site is transmitted in encrypted form to reduce on potential risk. Our security systems are multi-layered to enhance the level of protection offered. It is however impossible to offer a 100% guarantee of security for any form of electronic data storage and/or transmission but we strive to play our part to the best possible level.


Third Party Analytics Provision

We might in the future choose to work with third parties to provide us with analysis on the activities of visitors to our website, showing us what pages are visited frequently and what services are performed while on the site. This will help us device our advertisement strategies accordingly on the internet as well as on mobile device apps to make us more effective in our service provision.

They will need to access certain information from the website to enable them to carry this out and could even be necessitated to make use of their own cookies, web beacons or other tracking software on your computer or other device.


Changes to Our Privacy Policy

We might from periodically review our privacy policy and make changes at our sole discretion. We therefore advise our users to check for updates frequently as some of these changes might be announced using a notice on the website while others might be communicated to you via the email address you provided during registration. Continuing to use the website after changes are implemented will in effect imply your acceptance of the adjustments made.