How to Make Your JobPyramid Jobseeker Profile an Instant Recruiter Magnet


How to Make Your JobPyramid Jobseeker Profile an Instant Recruiter Magnet

Fresh grads looking for full time jobs in the Philippines and students in search of part time jobs in the Philippines will agree on one thing – job hunting is a lot more difficult than you might have anticipated. But like in most life situations, the devil is in the details when it comes to job hunting. The first impression recruiters get of you is usually from your online profile and if you get the details right, you will start getting all the right attention from recruiters and receiving invitations to interview for jobs in the Philippines.

Here are some surefire tricks to turn your profile into an instant magnet and get recruiters hot on your heels:


Pick Your Profile Photo Carefully

Photos say a lot more about you than you can be able to capture in words. Recruiters know this and they spend quite a good amount of time learning what they can about you from your profile photo. You can use this to your advantage when looking for jobs Philippines by picking out a photo that is both friendly and professional. Take a hint from the profiles of established professionals in your line of interest. Remember that recruiters are also humans and they will be drawn to charismatic and vibrant individuals so find a way to capture that aspect of your personality and you are good to go.


Set Yourself Apart Using Numbers

Your profile provides a great opportunity to highlight past achievements. Using statistics instead of mere words to prove your success will have a greater impact  and will also set you apart from your competitors. They provide a summary that is more relatable as well as easier to assess than prose. They make you seem credible and also convey the thought that you really know what you are doing. Seeing as you might not have so much experience by virtue of being fresh out of school, think of anything you might have done in the past, even volunteer work and find a way to make it your selling point.


Bring Your Profile to Life

Many young graduates looking for full time jobs in the Philippines find it particularly challenging to draw the line between being professional and letting your personality shine. Remember that apart from looking at your academic qualifications, employers also try to assess whether you are a likable person, someone they would want to work with. Here is where you need to strike a balance by projecting your passions and personal values. Let them see the exciting side of you, perhaps let them seem who you are outside of the workspace. When you go through your profile ask yourself, is this someone I would want to be friends with? If you find that person charming and endearing, it is likely that employers will too.


Flaunt Your Achievements

Modesty will not get you very far in the cut throat world of job hunting. Everyone wants their team to be made of top performers and you need to paint that picture as best you can. This applies both for students looking for internships or part time jobs in the Philippines and fresh grads seeking entry level full time jobs in the Philippines or even government jobs Philippines. You might want to think long and hard about any achievements that could be worth flaunting either from school or any other facet of life and sell it well. Your mastery over language could turn a simple feat into an outstanding accomplishment so use it right.


Never Leave Your “Current Job” Entry Blank

This is not to say that you should be dishonest about your “unemployed” status. Research has shown that leaving this space blank at times leads to bias from certain employers. It also does not give you any advantage whatsoever. So what can you say when you have no job? Find a clever way to make a mock job entry. Such a listing might indicate that you are a student or a fresh grad and show the kind of opportunities you are seeking. The key is to use smart wording so that your potential employer sees the creativity behind your entry and grants you the opportunity to live your dream.


Following the above steps carefully and paying attention to the little details will enable you to create a profile that is captivating, informative as well as enticing. If you do it right when looking for jobs, you will without doubt attract the eager eyes of employers to your profile and you never know what opportunities might arise as a result.


To know more, check out the tutorial for jobseekers. 

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