JobPyramid – Your One-stop Shop for your Job Search Success


JobPyramid – Your One-stop Shop for your Job Search Success

Are you a student searching for ideal part time jobs or a fresh graduate looking for entry level jobs in the Philippines? JobPyramid Jobsite has all of the resources you need to make your search successful and help you get a jump on your career track as it focuses on providing part time jobs for students and full time, entry level opportunities for fresh graduates.

Part time jobs offer the unique advantages of helping you learn essential time-management skills, giving you much needed financial freedom, complementing your area of study and allowing you to gain crucial experience that will come in handy once you graduate and start looking for full time jobs in the Philippines.

Entry level, full time job opportunities on the other hand allow fresh grads who lack job experience to gain the chance to apply their acquired skills in their field of interest and get a career jump-start to set you off on the road to career success.

JobPyramid Jobsite is particularly helpful in enabling you to attain all of these benefits and many more. Take a look at some of our most prominent features that ensure success for job applicants:


Job Matching App similar to Tinder

JobPyramid is equipped with the first-of-a-kind Android app in the Philippines that works like Tinder that matches qualified applicants to employers. This means that every time employers post job posts you are qualified to, the app will have you as one of the recommended candidates. When the employers see your profile, they’ll see your name, university, course, expected salary, preferded job location and self-description.  Once they swipe right, you will be listed as one of the shortlisted candidates and you’ll instantly be notified about it. Once shortlisted, employer will see your full profile in the website, as well as your resume if you uploaded it, and be able to message you. You’ll be able to read the message either through logging in your jobseeker account or by checking your email.

Vast Pool of Employers

We bring together a vast pool of employers from all industries. By signing up to our services and specifying your areas of interest, you will avail yourself of the opportunity to get alerts when jobs that fit your description are posted on the site. You will also enjoy the opportunity to make a choice of the most appealing opportunity from the numerous options available.

User-Friendly Interface

The JobPyramid Jobsite Portal is designed with a user-friendly interface and is therefore conveniently easy to navigate. You will be required to follow simple steps to sign up and create a killer profile and optionally upload your resume. After this, all you need to do when you identify job openings for which you qualify, is to click a single button in order to submit your application.

Invitation to Interview

Additionally, when you create an impressive profile on our job site, you could enjoy the unique opportunity of getting invitations to interview without even having to make application. Employers search through existing profiles and handpick the most exceptional ones so all you have to do is find a way to stand out and you might never have to move a muscle and instead you will have employers flocking to you.

Website Features

The website itself is also loaded with features that make it easy to communicate with your potential employer using our web-based messaging system. This makes the interview process easy and efficient thus reducing the turnaround time between making an application and getting a response from the employer. You will always get alerts via email that will let you know about the progress of your application from the moment you get shortlisted, to the invitation to interview up to the point when you actually secure the job. Everything is made easy on one convenient platform.

Resourceful Content

Further, we offer useful resources to help you get your first part time job in the Philippines and keep it. It is one thing to spend countless hours scouring the internet for opportunities in your preferred line but it is quite another to make a success of the highly competitive interview process and to secure the job. It is also rather daunting to acquire the discipline it takes to keep a job and get positive feedback and referrals at the end of the contract duration. The useful tips that are posted on JobPyramid Jobsite ensure that you overcome all these challenges with ease and stay on track, ever rising to greater heights of success on your career path.


Therefore, whether you want to get unlimited access to opportunities for part time jobs in the Philippines in order to guarantee success after graduation or to start out in life by getting entry level, full time jobs in the Philippines, JobPyramid Jobsite has all of the solutions you need and so much more.


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