• is a reputable platform that links employers with the right candidates for job openings. We provide the ideal atmosphere for jobseekers to sign up  and upload their certifications, CVs and other qualification details for the modern workplace. We also provide novel features like the first-of-a-kind app that makes use of algorithms to assess applications and recommend qualified candidates for the interview process. The app works like Tinder so employers can be assured that they will find it easy to choose the best candidates.

    These aspects of our service ensure that you get a huge pool of options from which to choose potential employees for your company as well as a highly simplified recruitment process that will only require your input at the interviewing stage.

  • We offer our recruitment services to all companies without prejudice. All you need to do is complete the website sign up form that requires your name, company name, other social media accounts and contact details. Once you are a registered user of the site, you can choose any of the recruitment packages available that suits your needs and start posting available job openings.

  • The minimum price for posting job openings is Php 3,000 which can provide your job post a validity period of 30 days. The minimum full pricing for posting one job opening and getting 20 matched candidates is Php 4,000.

    Detailed pricing information is available on the employer dashboard. Payment for services on JobPyramid can be made using any debit or credit card or via PayPal.

  • For the matching service feature, you need to download our app and install it on your mobile device. Before getting matched candidates, you need to buy your desired job post and app package on the employer dashboard.

    The app’s algorithm will analyze the information you’ve put in the job post. Using the job post information, the app will recommend qualified candidates. You will then be able to view the candidate’s basic details to help you determine whether or not you would like to interact with them further by swiping right or left.

    All of the qualified candidates for whom you swipe right will be listed down and from this list you can easily pick out a favorite.

  • Use of the app is a great innovation towards simplifying the recruitment process. Instead of having to sift through hundreds or thousands of applications from unqualified persons in search of one employee, you get recommendations for ONLY the applicants who meet ALL of the requirements listed on your job posting.

    This significantly saves time, energy and resources that would otherwise be expended in the recruitment process and ensures that you only get the most qualified candidates for your job opening.

  • In order to ensure that suitable candidates apply to your job opening, you need to draft the details on the job description with great attention to detail. This will help candidates to identify exactly what you are looking for and conduct an accurate self-assessment to determine whether or not they qualify.

    Furthermore, our mobile device app uses algorithms derived from your job description details to select and match you with qualified candidates. It would therefore be extremely important to confirm that the job details precisely meet your requirements for the vacant position.

  • On JobPyramid, every job post should be for a single opening. For organizations that have multiple openings, they can benefit by buying a bigger package found on their employer dashboard .

  • It is only by posting your job opening on the website that you can get the resumes and other details from our pool of jobseekers. Whenever candidates make an application to your job posts, you can access their full profile, resume and cover letter. Additionally, you can access all of the above details for the candidates who are matched to your job opening by the JobPyramid app.

  • The employer dashboard contains a “message” button which you can use to easily initiate contact with any of the candidates whom you consider suitable for the job opening.

  • The entire team at JobPyramid is greatly committed towards ensuring your satisfaction in getting the right candidates for job openings. However, at times due to factors beyond our control things might not go as planned. This is an expected challenge in the recruitment process and we greatly appreciate your feedback to help us improve on our service provision. Feel free to contact our support team if ever you encounter challenges while using our services.


  • Jobpyramid brings together a wide array of employers from all possible fields of occupation. You are therefore free to access any kind of career option that seems suitable to you by creating a compelling profile and applying for job postings.

  • On your profile page, you have options to indicate the precise career opportunity you are looking to secure. These details allow our website’s algorithms to identify job postings that suit your requirements and send you alerts when these are available.

    Additionally, you are free to conduct your research on all of the job opportunities available on the site. When using these procedures, the site gives you to various tools that can help you narrow down your search.

  • JobPyramid automatically removes all job openings that have been filled. Therefore, you can consider all of the listed jobs on the site as available.

  • Use the browse tab on the homepage of the website. Click on it to get various drop down categories and use these categories to narrow down your search and select the most applicable category to which you can either make applications or opt to be getting job alerts when new opportunities come up.

  • When you find a job opening for whose descriptions you qualify, click on the “apply” button and follow the clear procedure outlined by the employer/recruiter..

  • When an employer assesses your qualifications and finds them satisfactory, he will initiate contact by sending you a personal message using the website. You will also get a notification email to that effect. It would therefore be prudent after making an application to check your email and website message board frequently for communication.

    If you receive no communication from employers, it implies that the application is not successful and that you can keep on sending relevant applications.

  • We have structured the job posting feature such that it covers all of the relevant details required for one to fill out an appropriate application. This means that jobs posted on the site are usually thoroughly detailed and therefore do not require further enquiry.

  • Yes. Jobpyramid provides opportunities for part time jobs, internships as well as volunteer work and therefore it is possible to find virtually any kind of job for everyone who happens to be job hunting.

  • The first step to a successful job hunt is creating a great profile. This is the first impression that potential employers can get of you and it might make or break your chances of having new career path. This coupled with a flawless resume and cover letter make a significant contribution to your chances of success.

    Our website is loaded with resources to assist you on your job finding mission. We provide thoroughly researched material to aid you in the process and it would be in your best interest to keep updated on the information posted.

  • When the strategies you have been employing to secure a new job do not yield any success then maybe it’s time to reexamine them and make relevant adjustments. We provide a lot of helpful information to that effect and it would cause no harm to try a different approach you can use for your entire career hunt process.

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