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Our Mission

To create the ultimate blend of talent and opportunity and make perfect matches for recruiters and jobseekers alike.

Jobpyramid.com is one of the top thriving hubs for providing the missing link between potential employers and employees without the slightest hassle. Our site is well equipped with useful insights to help guide the inexperienced jobseeker through the treacherous job hunting process and utilizes the latest technology to provide reliable and timely solutions to employers.

We are the first site of this kind to offer a custom designed Android App to help pair employers up with the perfect candidates by sieving out the unqualified applicants and recommending only the ones who precisely meet your listed qualification requirements.

Our team is made up of only the best minds hand-picked from top universities across the country. We are highly passionate, full of youthful vigor and eager to help new graduates and students land the best job positions with relative ease.

Our Services

Services we offer for jobseekers and employers


Employers can publish open job posts


Employers can see CV, resume and full profile of matched candidates they get from the app as well as candidates who apply for their job posts

App and messaging system

Employers can use the app to instantly get matched candidates and contact them via the website’s own messaging system.

More open jobs

Jobseekers can easily be informed about the latest open jobs available for them.

Matching app

No need to worry since we will match you with employers looking for your qualifications.

Get hired

Save time, energy and money since JobPyramid will surely help you get hired.

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