7 Excellent Tips when Hiring for the Best Employees for your Company


7 Excellent Tips when Hiring for the Best Employees for your Company

The success of any company is greatly influenced by the people making up its workforce. Hiring the right employees for your professional team is an important tool to the realization of your company’s objectives. The hassle that goes into the recruitment process might at times make you forget the bigger picture and focus solely on filling that opening in order to cover immediate needs. The effect of this is that you end up spending so much time and finances on repeat recruitment exercises and your problems keep compounding while at the same time the growth and productivity of your venture is hampered.

Such problems can be effectively avoided if you get recruitment right the first time. But how can you do that? Consider a number of foolproof tips that will aid you in recruiting the best talent for your company. Check out these 7 tips when hiring.

Look for loyal employees

Even though it is at times imagined that certain character traits of potential employees will only become evident after spending some time with them on the job, many are actually clear right from the onset. Taking your time to analyze candidates will save a lot of time and heartache down the line.

The loyalty of a job applicant should be clear from their employment history. Individuals who tend to change jobs often will most likely also migrate from your company as soon as the next opportunity comes along. Therefore, if you want to hire the right employee, look at their good job duration history.

Define your requirements clearly

Another key to hiring the right employee is to figure out exactly what you want from them. “The best” is relative and may vary from time to time and from one company to another. The only way to define what you need is by understanding this need yourself and then conveying it accurately and clearly.

A comprehensive job description lets the applicants know in no uncertain terms what qualifications are important to you and therefore you will get fewer applications that are more likely to meet your needs. When you clearly outline your demands, it is also easier to shortlist from the numerous applications received.

Hire former interns

The best employees are those who know your company in and out and understand your vision. You must have invested quite some time into choosing your interns. Why not convert this opportunity to your advantage by calling them up for a permanent opportunity?

You do not have to rely on word of mouth to figure out if they are a perfect match for your workplace since you have already seen them in action. You already know their strengths and weaknesses and know exactly where they can fit in your organization. By virtue of the fact that they also understand the company’s dynamics, they are more likely to stay longer at their jobs than complete strangers.

Improve your recruitment process

Your recruitment process accounts for your success or failure to a greater extent than you might have realized. If you solely rely on traditional hiring methods, you may be missing out on a great opportunity to harness the best talent for your company.

The millennial generation is made up of tech savvy persons who are taking advantage of the digital revolution to simplify their job hunt. They rely on reliable jobsites to look for job openings and that is where you should also be.

JobPyramid Jobsite Portal offers the unique opportunity to bring together the best minds from top universities in the Philippines with potential employers on an easy-to-use platform. It employs the use of the latest technological advancements to simplify your attempts at recruiting the best talent and greatly increases the chances of finding the perfect fit for your company.

Look beyond the obvious

Candidates will always paint the best possible image of themselves on their resumes, cover letters and even at interviews. They might have all of the requirements you are looking for but what about their personality? Does it fit your workplace culture? How can you find out whether or not it does?

Take your time to check their social persona through the numerous social networks. These can often tell you all you need to know about a candidate because the internet never forgets.

Never hire less than the best

In some cases, you will have more than enough applicants to sieve out and pick the best for your job opening. Other times you might fail to get what you are looking for and out of desperation pick out the candidate who seems to come closest to your requirements.

Avoid this temptation because it is always a problem in the making. Sooner or later you will notice their inadequacies as they fall short of the day-to-day demands of the job. This will lead to frustration on both your part and that of the new employee. To avoid such complications, it would be best to repeat the process as a guarantee of hiring the best employees.

Do not compromise on compatibility

When looking to hire the right employee, you need not only focus on their technical qualifications for the job. They also need to be the right fit for your company. This would require a reasonable degree of compatibility between the candidate’s abilities and outlook and your company’s requirements and values.

You need more than a well-tailored application and interview process to figure this out. You need an opportunity to observe the candidate’s character and behavior discretely. Analyze such aspects as body language, manner of dress, choice of words to see beneath the surface.


Hiring the best employees for your company is a complicated and treacherous process. But JobPyramid Jobsite Portal seeks to simplify this process by making use of two major technological tools that eliminate the common challenges experienced by recruiters.


We are the first jobsite in the Philippines to introduce an app like Tinder that uses algorithms to assess all applications made and match the only candidates who meet your job description criteria, recommending them for shortlisting. It enables you to pick out the most qualified candidates for your company by swiping right for them on your mobile device. You are then able to interact with them with ease and get a chance to assess their character in a relaxed chat setting. This saves you a lot of time that would have been wasted leafing through hundreds of applications and allows you to focus only on the qualified candidates.


Our website provides a lot of other benefits to recruiters, making it possible to interact with shortlisted candidates by messaging them with ease through the platform’s web messaging system. It sends them notifications when they get selected for the interview process and when they are successfully hired.


Take advantage of these provisions today by registering your company with JobPyramid Jobsite Portal today and get the best possible employees to build up a power team.



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